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by the first amendment. to ensure we are not pursuing because of religion, because of national origin, because people are out assembling peacefully and freely as they are allowed to by the first amendment and so forth. it makes it clear that you cannot conduct an assessment if that is your sole reason for doing it. there are many other appropriate reasons for doing assessments. we can talk about migrations of gangs. when we are looking at the evolution of the gang problem, and we recognize it is a problem we face today. what is it going to look like tomorrow and what can appropriately be done by law enforcement to address that problem tomorrow today so that we are not dealing with another big regional, national, or transnational gang tomorrow? that may mean that in that authorized purpose with clear objectives and trying to define what that gang, they might look at population data where it ight be logical based on historical examples where it might crop up tomorrow and then engage on explaining what the problem might be, then involving many parts of the community, not just the law enforcement
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1